Glow Recipe

The Today Project

The Today Project, the brand created by Paola Gugliotta, a sustainability guru, who bets on buying in bulk as the best cosmetic gesture to stop the destruction of the planet. Concentrated premium formulas, biodegradable and with more than 98% natural ingredients. Vegan cosmetics safe for the skin and for the environment.

Skin Molecule X

This firm only offers one product which sells out constantly. Possibly the best liquid, hydrolyzed and peptan collagen in the world. Formulated entirely by a doctor in Biomedicine -Spanish with Serbian origins Sanja Zivanovic, founder and CEO of the company-, based only on research and scientific evidence.


Alice Campello’s clean beauty, cruelty-free and science-backed brand. Its products bring together the best of nature and science.


LICO is a Spanish cosmetics company developed by chemical engineers, which formulates effective and innovative cosmetic ingredients. Their compromise is to offer results for different skin concerns, from the very first day of application. LICO is a 100% digital firm, but with a shopping experience based on personalized customer care.

Acqua di Parma

Created in 1916 by the baron Carlo Magnani from Parma as his own personal Colonia,
Acqua di Parma today is a symbol of Italian sophistication, discreet luxury, and craftsmanship that is inspired by its heritage and yet constantly evolving to always stay relevant and meaningful

Paula’s Choice

Under the slogan ‘Beauty begins with the truth’, Paula Begoun, the creator of the firm, radically turned the beauty industry around 35 years ago with a brutally honest and direct speech about truly effective treatment products.

Driven by her determination to find a solution to her acne and eczema problems, Paula dedicated herself to learning about the science of facial treatment and sharing her knowledge to help others. She is one of the most respected skincare expertes with 20 published beauty bestsellers in addition to her famous Beautypedia.

Her skincare brand, Paula´s Choice, represents smart beauty, science, truth and stands out for her unbeatable multi-faceted and sustainable formulas.

Reto 48

The wellness company that has changed the way not only to train, but, above all, to take care of yourself and be healthy. An authentic philosophy of life that manages to increase the level of strength, endurance, power and physical condition of each person, regardless of the level of fitness from which it starts.

Sinclair Pharma

Sinclair Pharma is a London-based aesthetic company that has created major milestones in aesthetic medicine such as the Ellansé collagen stimulator, Silhouette Soft tensor threads, Lanluma and the most premium Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers on the beauty scene.